Our Staff

We have eight permanent members of staff. Each staff member has a group of 'key children' who they help settle into the preschool and ensures their learning and development takes place during their time with us. We ensure that we work at a high ratio of adults to children at all times to maximise safety and learning opportunities. All staff have completed safeguarding and paediatric first aid training within our setting. 
Aimee Weal 

Aimee has been the Manager of CMBC Preschool since September 2017. Aimee is a qualified teacher and is also trained as an Early Years SENCo. Aimee is also the Designated Safeguarding Officer for our setting. 

Annisa Twomey

Annisa joined us in 2017 and is now our Deputy Manager.  Annisa began her life with us as a student and we are so happy to have her creativity and enthusiasm as a full time staff member. Annisa has also completed her SENCo training. 

Sue Crisp

Sue Crisp has worked at CMBC  since 2004 and has an NVQ level 3 in Childcare. Sue is also responsible for ensuring that our curriculum takes into account the children's interests and next steps to ensure progress is made. 

Pat Webb

Pat Webb joined our setting in September 2017. Pat has completed an NVQ 3 in childcare and was previously a teaching assistant before joining us. Pat has also completed the Early Years SENCo Course and completed the Designated Safeguarding training

Iolanda Whitehead
Kelly Weal
Sophie Cavill

Iolanda Whitehead has worked at CMBC since 2003 and has an NVQ level 3 in Childcare. Iolanda is responsible for ensuring our risk assessments and health and safety procedures are followed each day. 

Kelly Weal has worked at CMBC since 2015 and has an NVQ level 3 in Childcare. Kelly makes sure that fees and our registration process goes without a hitch. 

Margaret Rowley

Sophie Cavill has joined us in September 2019 is currently on maternity leave. She has an NVQ level 3 and has worked with preschool children for the last 11 years! 

Margaret Rowley has worked at CMBC Preschool since 1999. Margaret oversees our snack and lunchtimes, ensuring that the children have healthy options each day.