Early Years Foundation Stage 

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage to plan activities for and record observations of our children. Click below to find more information on the EYFS. 

The EYFS Stages

Activities to try at home

EYFS Tracking Sheet

Phonics and Reading


Encourage your child's start into reading and writing by learning more about Phonics. 

Phonics glossary for parents

Tips for reading with your child

Packed lunches

Healthy eating

Through our snacks and curriculum, we try to encourage children to make healthy choice. Click below on ways to encourage that in your child's lunch box or at home.

Healthy eating tips

Find out about 'Healthy Start', a voucher scheme to help purchase milk, vegetables and vitamins for children under 4.

Take a look at some healthy recipes to cook with your children

HENRY healthy eating


Speech and Language

We constantly plan activities to aid with children's speech and language development. Please talk to the Preschool Staff if you have any concerns about your child's communication. 

How to help your child's speech and language

BookStart: encourage communication through reading


British values 

At the Preschool, we make sure to include British values into our lessons and activities. Click below to find out more.


British Values  


Physical Activity

Children's physical development is very important at preschool age. We always plan activities which help develop these skills throughout the day. The link below will give you some ideas of how to continue these skills at home. 

Physical development


Friendships and self confidence

Preschool is a great place for children to make friends - though they sometimes fall in and out of friendship. Below is some information on how to encourage positive friendships and creating self confidence in your child. 

Building self confidence


Positive friendships 

Children Tying Their Shoes

Self Care

We always try to encourage and support children's independence and self care skills. This includes potty training and learning to dress themselves.

Developing independence

Developing self care skills


Preparing for School

As well as helping with words and numbers, there's a lot you can do to get your child ready for school. Play offers children a range of skills they will need when they start school so that they can understand their needs and other people's needs. 

Getting ready for school

'Pacey' toolkit to help school readiness

Red Toothbrush
Oral health

Dental Hygiene

Its never too early to get your child used to brushing their teeth and looking after their dental hygiene. Click on the links below for information on dental health and links to free dental check ups in Waltham Forest. 

HENRY Oral Health Check ups

Teeth cleaning guide


Red Toothbrush


We follow strict policies regarding the use of the internet in the Preschool. Please see our policy page for more information. 


Internet safety for parents

Bathroom Tiles
Toilet training

Toilet Training

Key workers are always happy to help parents tacking potty training! See the links below for tips! 

Tips for parents

How to potty train